“Mocha Cappuccino” DIY Countertop Kit – Small $275


• Dive into earth tones with our Mocha Cappuccino countertop kit. This will blend well with your wood grain cabinets.
• This kit includes the Toasted Almond base, the “Crystal Series” Champagne, and the Milk Chocolate accent colors.
• It comes with everything you need to create a custom granite or a flowing marble pattern.
The small kit will cover 35 square feet or 15 linear feet of countertop surface.
• Additional color suggestions: Bronze, Dark Chocolate

Everything needed is included in the kit 
except a paint tray, a water misting bottle, 
and a few styrofoam plates. See "COLOR" video.

1 - 16 oz Toasted Almond Base Coat
1 -  8 oz "Crystal Series" Champagne Accent Color
1 -  8 oz Milk Chocolate Accent Color
1 - 12 oz Part A CrystalTop Sealer
1 -  4 oz Part B CrystalTop Sealer
1 - 48" Plastic Film Roll
1 - 2" Blue Tape Roll
1 - 6" Sea Sponge Faux Roller
1 - 6" Roller Handle
2 - 6" Microfiber Rollers
2 - Touch-Up Sea Sponges
2 - Feathers
1 - Course Sanding Block
1 - Fine Sanding Pad
2 - 1" foam brushes
1 - Terry Cloth
1 - Small Paint Brush
1 - Box Cutter
4 - Disposable Gloves
1 - Opener for Sealer

A simple, three step application to transform your countertops:

Prep Your Countertops – Wash all countertops with dish soap and water only. Allow to dry. Lightly sand your countertops with the coarse sanding blocks and then wipe all counters with terry cloth.  Apply blue tape to protect walls and sink. And finally, apply 48″ plastic film just below countertops to protect the cabinets and floor. For more detail instruction watch the “PREP” video.

Color Your Countertops: Once you’ve prepped your countertops, apply the base coat color with the 6″ microfiber roller and 1″ foam brush. After base coat is dry, apply the accent colors with the 6″ faux roller, sponges, or feathers, according to your desired pattern. Allow all colors to dry. For more detailed instructions watch the “COLOR” video.

Seal Your Countertops – Once your countertop colors are dry, lightly sand all countertops and backsplash with the fine sanding pad. Remove all tape above the counters. Wipe down all countertops with terry cloth. Retape around sink if sink is in place. Mix the proper amount of sealer to apply to countertops. Once mixed, as directions indicate, apply sealer with the 1″ foam brush to top and sides of backsplash. Then apply sealer to remaining countertops with the 6″ microfiber roller, starting from the back to the front. Once all countertops are sealed, remove all tape and plastic film. Allow countertops to cure 48 hours before putting everything back on countertops. For more detailed instructions watch the “SEAL” video.