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Are you ready to find a CrystalTop Affiliate to help make your countertops beautiful? Are you asking yourself what design, pattern and color should you pick? We invite you to browse our website to see different countertop photos and designs to help you decide on a gorgeous custom design for your countertops.

If you are looking to refinish your Corian, Laminate, or Formica countertops to look like Granite, Quartz or Marble we encourage you to reach out today.

See a list of services on our home page or check out the website of the CrystalTop Affiliate near you by entering your zip code above. Or give us a call at 407.793.9596 to see what we can do for your countertop needs for your kitchen or bathroom. We can also refinish your desktop, tabletop or bar top. And don’t forget that we offer backsplash as well.

Why not set up a free consultation now?

Don’t replace your countertops, refinish them and save thousands of dollars! Your tired, worn-out countertops could look like custom Granite, Marble, or Natural Stone with CrystalTop Finish!

No Demolition Create a new Customized Design without having to tear out your counters, just refinish them with CrystalTop Finish!
Save Money – refinishing kitchen and bathroom countertops is an inexpensive alternative to replacing them with new laminate countertops and we’re 1/3 the cost of Granite and Marble.

Many Colors and Patterns. This is a Unique Customized Design, NOT a spray-on that looks like colored speckles from the ‘80s.

Most Customized CrystalTop counters finished in ONE day!

10-year warranty on your CrystalTop Counters!

Complete your kitchen makeover with a backsplash to go perfectly with your custom countertop.

What to expect from our CrystalTop Finish Affiliates?



Our affiliates are people of integrity. They will show up on time, be courteous, and leave your home cleaner than before! When we move your stove or refrigerator, we clean behind it. We know it’s difficult to get back there! And in your bathroom, we will make sure your mirrors are clean as well. We take extra measures to make sure your house stays clean through the process.


Free Consultation

A CrystalTop Affiliate will be happy to come out and give you a free consultation. Your personal CrystalTop Affiliate will accurately measure your countertops and give your countertop measurements to you as part of the estimate for your personal records. Your CrystalTop Affiliate will take the time to listen to you and your ideas on what you want your countertops to look like. They will show you sample boards to help you pick your pattern and colors for your countertops and show you our selection of real stone backsplashes. Once you receive an on-site estimate your estimate is valid for 60 days. This gives you the time to coordinate with your busy lifestyle.
The CrystalTop Finish approach allows for our clients to have input through the design stage of refinishing their countertops. We consider your preferences of colors and pattern to create your dream countertops. Our CrystalTop Affiliates can make minor changes to improve the look to your liking before sealing your countertops. Our CrystalTop Affiliates create a design to help achieve the goal of the client; each of our affiliates bring their design and/or construction expertise into the consult. This elevates the quality of the final design and makes it one of a kind.


10-Year CrystalTop Counter Warranty

Many people are skeptical or have had a bad experience with a past countertop resurfacing. We hope that you realize by now that we are different. We are so confident of our product and affiliates that we give a 10-Year warranty on CrystalTop counters to give you peace of mind.

I have a question…

How much does a CrystalTop counter cost?

CrystalTop countertops pricing is based on square footage of the countertops and the number of colors and complexity of the pattern chosen. Our goal is to give our customers an inexpensive alternative to replacing their countertops. We are less expensive than replacing your countertops with new Formica (and better looking) and at least 1/3 the cost of granite, Marble or Quartz.


How durable is a CrystalTop Counter?

Once the CrystalTop counters are sealed, they are heat resistant to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, stain resistant, scratch resistant and UV protected. They never need to be resealed. This fits into our business model…our countertops are Elegant-Looking, Maintenance-Free and Inexpensive.


I have a tile backsplash. Can you do anything with that?

CrystalTop Finish can bond to Formica, laminate, wood, tile, and cement. We can recolor your tile backsplash to match your countertop colors. We also do accent borders in tile showers!

Our CrystalTop Affiliate will refinish your existing countertops and give you a beautiful countertop with a high-gloss polished finish with vibrant colors. Your CrystalTop counter will not only look great but is heat, stain and scratch resistant, food safe, and UV protected.

And they will give you peace of mind by giving you a 10-Year warranty in the CrystalTop Finish contract. We tell our customers that if they use cutting boards and hot pads and clean messes in a timely manner with a non-abrasive cleaner their countertops will last a lifetime.

Why tear out the counters and have the mess when you can have a custom CrystalTop Finish on your existing Formica, laminate or Corian counters. Our authentic CrystalTop Finish system gives you the look of Granite, Marble, Quartz, Natural Stone or a Custom Design you always dreamed of without the high cost. And CrystalTop counters have no annoying seams! CrystalTop counters are completely Customized and Unique!

And we offer real stone backsplashes as well.

When it comes to remodeling – whether for resale or to update your home for beauty and efficiency – nothing gives you more bang for the buck than a kitchen and bathroom makeover. With CrystalTop Finish, you can achieve a fresh, new look without the expense and inconvenience of replacing all your countertops. The solution is our trained and qualified CrystalTop Affiliates helping you design a custom countertop.

Our CrystalTop Affiliates go above and beyond in every way possible to make sure that we are delivering to you and your family the beautiful countertops you are expecting. CrystalTop Finish and our Affiliates truly do all that we can in every way to make sure that we are able to give our customers the best experience and the best possible options to make their kitchen or bathroom countertops extraordinarily beautiful.

If you are unable to locate a nearby Authorized CrystalTop Affiliate please call 407-793-9596.