DIY Kits

Crystal Top Finish is as easy to complete as 1-2-3!
You will PREP it – COLOR it – then SEAL it
Shockingly Easy… don’t believe us? Check out the step-by-step videos below!

We get questions often of people asking us, “how long does it take and what tools do I need to complete this particular project?”

We are so glad you asked that… to answer your questions you could complete the ENTIRE PROJECT in a weekend and the only tools you will need, outside of what we provide, is a paint tray and a few Styrofoam plates.


INTRO: Introduction to The Process

STEP 1: Clean your counters and ensure they are ready for color.

Step 1: Prepare your counters

STEP 2: Apply the color and texture.

This part you get to use your imagination! You can be as creative as you want – trust us this is the fun part.

Step 2: Colorization

STEP 3: Seal it! 

Upon completion you will want to wait for the counters to cure. Our recommendation is that you wait 48 hours prior to replacing the heavier items (blenders, toasters, etc.) on your counters.

Step 3: Seal your counters

Lastly, enjoy your new countertops!




Why choose CrystalTop Finish?


Ease of Use
Our process is designed to be something anyone can do. People with all skills and ability levels can quickly learn this process.
We provide a simple countertop refinishing process – prep, color, seal – to help you create a simple but beautiful pattern to your countertops.

Product Support
We’re here to answer your questions and provide support. After you’ve watched our step-by-step instructional videos, if you still have questions in the process we are a phone call away.

Custom Stone Design
Get the look of granite, marble or quartz with our authentic CrystalTop Finish kit. Now you can create a unique, custom design you always dreamed of without the high cost of expensive stones.

Longevity and Value
You’ll get the rich appeal of granite or marble with a stain and scratch resistant surface, and our countertop refinishing kit will retain its glory with far less maintenance. With CrystalTop Finish you can create beauty in your existing kitchen or bathroom countertop at an affordable price today.


CrystalTop Finish is a modern cost effective alternative to expensive kitchen remodeling and the agony of tearing apart your kitchen and starting over. With CrystalTop Finish, you can save thousands of dollars when compared to replacing your countertops with marble, granite, or quartz.

Rather than ripping up your old counters, shutting everything down for days, creating dust, mess and noise, you simply apply the CrystalTop proprietary coating that mimics the look and durability of custom granite, marble or quartz.

Quick and Easy.

Instead of going days without a usable kitchen, you can complete your countertops in one day and be back in business 48 hours later!

Durable and Great Looking.

CrystalTop counters are scratch, chip, and stain resistant. Your CrystalTop counters are UV protected (no yellowing) and heat resistant to 300 degrees. This is Not a messy epoxy that is constantly dripping before curing and yellows in UV light. You will be proud of your beautiful countertops for years.


Here’s what most people ask about Crystaltop Finish….

What’s included in the CrystalTop Finish Kit?

Your Kit includes everything you will most likely need.

Steps To Prepare Your Crystaltop Finish Kit

  1. Step 1. Preparation –
    1. Blue tape, coarse sanding pads, box cutter, tape and drape.
    2. Not every counter requires re-caulking. So, at the cost of a few dollars, if you need to re-caulk, you can find the items necessary at your favorite paint or hardware store.
  2. Step 2. Coloration – 
    1. Liquid base coat color, primary accent color, secondary accent color, roller, roller handle, faux roller, foam brush, detail paint brush, sponges, stir sticks.
  3. Step 3. Sealing and Finishing – 
    1. Special non-epoxy gloss sealant and finish coat roller, foam brush, fine sanding pad, measuring container, stir stick.
What surfaces can CrystalTop Finish be applied?
  1. Formica countertops and vanities
  2. Laminate countertops and vanities
  3. Corian countertops
  4. One piece sink and counter vanities
  5. Cultured marble vanities
  6. Granite (with additional preparation)
  7. Butcher block countertops
  8. Tile with grout lines and tile backsplash
  9. Primed or painted wood
  10. Cabinet inlays
  11. Tabletops
Do I need to remove caulking from my countertops?

Since new CrystalTop finishing material may not adhere to old caulking, we advise removal and replacement of all caulking where the countertop meets the backsplash using more modern paintable caulk. We recommend White Lightning 3006, found at your favorite paint or hardware store for this purpose. Watch Preparation Video.

How tough are CrystalTop Counters?

CrystalTop Counters resist most staining and can take a bit of hard use. But, like most finishes, a bit of gentle care will keep your countertops looking great for years to come.

We recommend:
  1. Use of cutting boards for all food preparation
  2. Hot pads for any pots, pans, plates or dishes that might be hotter than 300 degrees
  3. The heat from Coffee makers or toaster ovens will not harm the CrystalTop Finish.
  4. OOPS. Accidents happen. Should your countertop get nicked or scratched, with a little effort you can bring the countertop back to looking new by re-applying some original CrystalTop material or obtaining a CrystalTop Repair Kit.
How long do counters take to cure and are ready for use?

Once the CrystalTop counter is sealed it will take 12–14 hours to cure to be dry to the touch (To cure in this time frame, we recommend keeping your AC at 76 degrees or lower after you apply the sealer for one day). At that point you can use your sink and dishwasher, but we recommend 48 hours after being sealed before you put everything back on your countertops.

How many square feet can one counter cover?
  1. The Small kit will cover 30 sq. ft. which is 15 linear feet of countertop space.
  2. The Large kit will cover up to 65 sq. ft. which is 30 linear feet of countertop space.
How do I care for my CrystalTop counters?
  1. Once your counters have cured 48 hours, you can use any non-abrasive cleaner like dish soap and water, Clorox wipes, Windex, Green Works products. Never use abrasive cleaners like SOS, Soft Scrub, Brillo Pads. These will scratch or harm the gloss finish on your counters.
  2. Our CrystalTop sealer is 100% waterproof and stain resistant. Just wipe up spills in a timely manner.
  3. Prolonged contact with acidic base foods/liquids such as mustard or red wine may leave a stain if left for a prolonged time.
  4. With proper care, using cutting boards, hot pads and simple cleaning, your CrystalTop counters will give you many years of satisfaction.