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He just wanted countertops that were elegant looking, maintenance free and inexpensive compared to replacing your countertops. This is a story of a couple looking for a solution to their dilemma and ended up being the solution.

CrystalTop Finish was created by Zack Thomas and his wife, Laura, applied her marketing skills to expand CrystalTop Finish and take it to the next level.

In 2007, Zack was a chaplain for a trucking company and on the side he would flip houses for extra income. The houses he bought always needed something done with the countertops. He wasn’t redesigning the kitchen so the countertops just needed updated. But Granite was just too expensive and you couldn’t recoup your money out of the sale of the house for the cost of the Granite. Zack was looking for an inexpensive alternative to replacing the countertops and could not find a solution. He thought it didn’t make any sense to tear out countertops just because they were stained or an ugly color. From that point he determined to find a process of refreshing the countertops instead of replacing them. Zack spent several years of research and, working with a chemist through trial and error, he developed the perfect sealer for countertops – a sealer that gave a gloss finish, was extremely durable and could be applied in one coat and be ready to use in a short period of dry time. While going through the development of the sealer he created the proprietary coloration process and unique patterns which is now CrystalTop Finish. The CrystalTop Finish process not only bonds to Formica and Corian but also bonds to tile, wood and cement. Zack has created tile borders in the shower that match the bathroom countertop colors and pattern!

His wife, Laura, was so impressed with Zack’s product she started marketing the product to expand the business to get new customers. Over the years, they have had hundreds of satisfied customers and even had people contacting them from outside their service area to inquire about CrystalTop Finish. As a result, they have decided to expand CrystalTop Finish beyond Central Florida. Now that Zack has a proven system, they are now in the process of finding and training up CrystalTop affiliates throughout the U.S. so they too can provide elegant looking, maintenance free and inexpensive countertops. And the affiliates can have a lucrative business to provide financial stability for themselves.

What makes CrystalTop Finish different from other countertop businesses is we don’t tear out the customer’s Formica or Corian countertops. With CrystalTop Finish we can give new life to existing countertops and create a custom granite, marble or quartz look at a fraction of the price. This is not a spray-on material. This is an actual custom coloration process that gives the look of custom stone. There are other companies that refinish or resurface your countertops but you have very little choice of colors and no ability to customize the look of your countertop. And those companies do not offer a 10-Year warranty on their service.

Plus CrystalTop counters are usually done in one day! That means very little down time.

Zack is excited to help people who call him and complain about their ugly or outdated countertops because he knows he has the solution to their countertop needs. And when he finishes his customer’s countertops, he loves to hear them say that their CrystalTop counters exceeded beyond what they even imagined.

When LauraI follows up with their customers, she just loves it when the customer tells her how their CrystalTop Counters makes them so happy when they walk into the room and see them . She has even had customers who pay above their invoice because they are so impressed with their CrystalTop counters.

Zack prides himself on being professional. This means he is on time, courteous, listens to the desires of the customer and makes sure everything is cleaned up when he leaves. And this is what you can expect with every CrystalTop Affiliate as well.

You have nothing to lose in getting a free consultation. You get a 10-Year warranty and lowest price guarantee when matched to other comparable products.

With your free consultation we bring nice size sample boards to help you determine the colors and pattern that fits your kitchen or bathroom, we give you the ability to put the final touches on your CrystalTop design and you get that 10-Year Warranty.

And if you would like to become a CrystalTop Affiliate schedule a 10 minute call to see how you can make more money!

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to revitalize your tired countertops, fill out our Get a Free Consultation form and we’ll get right back with you to set up an appointment.

You no longer have to spend thousands of dollars on your countertops. Call us and we’ll give you a custom stone look at an affordable price, with no need for constant maintenance and you can take a vacation with all the money you saved!

CrystalTop Finish — We’re here to help make beautiful homes one countertop at a time!

Are your countertops looking old, scratched, worn out, or just the wrong color? Are you thinking about a change but don’t want to take out a loan for new countertops? Then you should consider CrystalTop Finish. There are huge cost savings and much less mess refinishing your countertops than replacing them. And if you were thinking about tearing out your old countertops and switching to granite, marble, or quartz and worried about the cost, you can still get the custom look you are wanting with CrystalTop Finish.And our service helps the environment by recycling your countertops rather than throwing them in the

What is CrystalTop Finish?

CrystalTop Finish is an alternative to replacing your countertops saving you thousands of dollars with less mess. With CrystalTop Finish we will recolor your existing countertops with our proprietary coloration process to create a custom granite or marble look. Once we’ve colored your countertops to your desired color and pattern we seal your countertops with our gloss
sealer giving you a countertop that is more heat, stain and scratch resistant than your original countertops. And most countertops are done in one day!
We have been refinishing hundreds of countertops in Central Florida and the surrounding area for years and are now expanding to other areas. We will work with you to select the right pattern for your home whether it’s a stone like granite or quartz or a special color or custom pattern. It’s more affordable than you might think. Contact us today to find out how much it will cost to refinish your laminate countertops.

How much does it cost?

Whenever we are talking about the cost, first we need to compare the alternatives to our process. Let’s compare the cost and the process to replace an existing countertop with another countertop whether it be granite or manufactured stone like quartz and what is involved.



Countertop Replacement process and cost with Granite or Quartz


The existing countertops need to be torn out. In order to do this all backsplash needs to be
removed. Most houses have a typical four inch backsplash around the countertop. This will have to be removed. In doing this many times the drywall is going to be damaged from the removal process. This will need to be repaired or covered over with an upgraded backsplash to cover the damage. Then all sinks need to be removed. This entails detaching all plumbing which a plumber is which incurs additional cost. What if you just replaced the sink and want to keep the same sink? You still have the cost of removal and reinstallation. Then the existing countertop is removed piece by piece. This causes a mess, unnecessary dust and an extra expense. Many countertop fabricators will need to remove the existing countertop to create a proper template for the new countertop. This means that you will be without a usable kitchen for several days while the countertop is being manufactured.



Once countertops are removed the new countertops are then installed. Any seams where the countertops come together will then be filled in with an colored epoxy to match the counters. Sinks will be installed and all plumbing will be reattached. Backsplash will then be installed and any drywall repair will be done to complete the process.
How long do I not have a functional kitchen with countertop replacement? Depending on the installer you could be down from 3 days to several weeks. On average a fifty-five square foot countertop kitchen replacement with granite or quartz will cost you $3,500-$5,000+.

Countertop refinishing process and cost with CrystalTop Finish

With CrystalTop Finish we will come to your house at the appointed time and give you a free consultation. With our free consultation we will discuss with you your perfect countertop colors and pattern that will fit your kitchen design. We will show you sample boards of colors and patterns. Our samples are 14” X 16” sample boards showing you not only the colors but the flow of the pattern to help you determine what is best for your countertop needs. Since our process is customized we will discuss the colors and various patterns available. If a pattern has a directional flow we will give you the choice of direction for each countertop you want it to flow! We will also discuss the amount of colors you want in the pattern. You have custom options.
If you are looking for a backsplash to add to your kitchen we will show you our backsplash colors and help you choose to match your countertops. We will also give you an estimate that day of the total cost of your countertops and/or backsplash.
If you are ready to go we will sign a contract and schedule you in for a day that is convenient for you. If you’re not quite ready we will email the estimate for your records so you can contact us when you are ready to go. And we give a lowest price guarantee with any written estimate that is comparable to our product. Refinishing your countertops process and cost with CrystalTop Finish


With CrystalTop Finish we have a three step process – Prep, Color, Seal

Prep – Preparing your countertops

1. Repair countertop flaws and remove any caulking.
2. Lightly sand countertops and wipe clean.
3. Apply our special caulking where backsplash and countertop meet.
4. Tape all areas around the countertop wall and cover cabinets and floor.


Color – Coloring your countertops according to your chosen colors and pattern

1. Apply base coat color to all countertops.
2. Discuss and apply the second color to the smallest counter and tweak according to customer’s preference. Then apply to all other countertops.
3. Apply additional colors to the smallest counters and tweak according to customer’s preference. Then apply to all other countertops.
4. Once all colors are applied to countertops walk through countertops with customer and make final adjustments before sealing.


Seal – Seal countertops with our gloss sealer

1. Remove tape and reapply tape in certain areas.
2. Lightly sand all countertops to create a smooth finish.
3. Roll on gloss sealer to all countertops.
4. Remove all tape and coverings and make sure the kitchen is restored to original condition.
When we leave, your kitchen countertops will look like the custom countertops you always dreamed of. On average a fifty-five square foot kitchen countertop with CrystalTop Finish will cost you $1,200-$1,600. CrystalTop Finish is on average 1/3 to 1/4 the cost of Granite, Marble or Quartz.


How long will it take for you to use your countertops?

We will complete your countertops in one to two days and you will be to place all things back on your countertops 48 hours later.